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Majorica is your eco-friendly choice for sustainable jewelry.

Majorica is your eco-friendly choice for sustainable jewelry.


Our commitments to help our Earth 

Beauty sometimes comes at a cost to the environment, but we have found a way to merge sustainability and style with our pearl jewelry. Our handcrafted organic pearls are made by artisans to maintain the essence and quality of a natural pearl while preserving the Earth's ecosystem. Unlike traditional pearl farming, this approach minimizes our environmental impact and also our carbon footprint associated with luxury jewelry production. As one of the leading sustainable jewelry brands, we specialize in eco-friendly jewelry that not only enhances your beauty but also supports the health of our planet. 


Reflecting on Majorica’s History

Beyond being eco-friendly, Majorica jewelry is made with meaning. Each pearl detail has been crafted for years to carry on the legacy of rich history, cultural traditions, and skilled craftsmanship. Infused by the spirit of Mallorca, each pearl tells a story that is authentic to our brand. Each jewelry piece is crafted to tell stories for generations. This is why Majorica jewelry is the obvious sustainable choice for long-lasting, quality pearl jewelry.

Your Ethical Fashion Choice

You don’t get an environment badge of honor, but you should celebrate the fact that by wearing Majorica you’ve made a conscious choice for sustainability. Your Majorica jewelry is not only a statement of beauty but also an environmental choice for our Earth. You are part of the solution to making this world a better place while looking fashionable.

Creation of Majorica Pearl

At Majorica, the creation of pearls reaches an unsurpassed level. It is a meticulous and highly studied work, to which Majorica also adds its personal seal: eternal perfection. A quality to which two very important factors are added: many years of research and hours of elaborate craftsmanship. Together, they have built and created Majorica's reputation.

The creation of the Majorica Pearl follows a rigorous process, perfectly controlled, which begins with the preparation of the inner core by expert hands. Next, these cores are coated with extremely thin layers composed of nacre obtained from organic elements of the sea.

After all this creation process and quality control, the pearls become part of a beautiful and exclusive Majorica jewel.


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