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The classics never die: the rebirth of pearls.

Some believe that classics are only for classic people, but if there is one thing about the classics, is their eternal ability to adapt. When the classic meets the present, the result is incredible.

Classic meets priorities. Classic meets MAJORICA.

Every story has an important engine. Ready to discover ours?

We don't just craft jewelry, we craft unforgettable experiences.

Top-tier jewelry that thinks of you.

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100% made in Mallorca

Our pearls are produced
entirely in Mallorca.


10 year guarantee on pearls,
3 years for jewelry.

Innovating Since 1890

More than 130 years dressing
generations from all over the world.

A look into Majorica's world

Experience a fashion journey like no other! Delve into a treasure trove of expert advice, discover the latest collection novelties, and uncover fragments of our captivating history. Our blog awaits your curiosity—immerse yourself and unravel the world of fashion today!

How Are Majorica Pearls Made?

How Are Majorica Pearls Made?

We’ve been making high-quality pearls for over a century, and are passionate about creating beautiful jewelry that radiates tradition and history, all whilst boasting modern and thoroughly...

What are the Jewelry Trends for 2023?

What are the Jewelry Trends for 2023?

The jewelry trends for spring and summer 2023 are as varied as they are fascinating. Let’s dive into the most noteworthy ones. Welcome, jewelry enthusiasts, to this...

Pearl Necklace for Men, a Must this Summer!

Pearl Necklace for Men, a Must this Summer!

Male beauty standards are constantly changing, and for years Western society has dictated that accessories should be worn just by women. This is reflected in the fashion on...