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How to Style Pearl Earrings

How to Style Pearl Earrings

In the ever-changing world of fashion, where trends evolve rapidly, certain accessories stand the test of time. Among these classics are pearl earrings, offering understated yet captivating elegance that transcends centuries. Majorica, with a passion for pearls, celebrates their timeless allure and explores how they effortlessly complement various outfits.

Why Choose Pearl Earrings?

Pearl earrings, revered for their simplicity and captivating beauty, have adorned individuals for centuries. Originating as gifts to Chinese royalty in 2300 BC and symbolizing status in ancient Rome, pearls have maintained their universal appeal. Majorica, dedicated to all things pearls, shares insights into styling these timeless accessories.

Formal Elegance with Pearl Stud Earrings

Perfect for: Formal or Evening Attire

  • Style: Subtle and elegant pearl stud earrings
  • Why: They seamlessly complement formal wear without overpowering the outfit.

Styling Tips:

  • Little Black Dress: Opt for small white pearl earrings, like Earrings Lyra 12mm.
  • Long Gowns: Choose pearl drop earrings for added glamour, such as Giselle sterling drop earrings.

Casual Chic with Pearl Earrings

Perfect for: Relaxed, Cool-Looking Clothes

  • Style: Pearl earrings or a pearl necklace for a casual yet refined look.
  • Why: They add a special touch to casual outfits, creating delightful contrasts.

Styling Tips:

  • Summer Dress & Leather Jacket: Try pearl bracelet or pearl drop earrings for a stylish clash.
  • Turtleneck & Skinny Jeans: Pair with multi-strand pearl bracelet for a modern twist.

Choosing the Right Pearl Earrings


  • Skin Tone: Silver for cool undertones, gold for warm undertones.
  • Face Shape: Match earrings to complement your facial features.
  • Personal Style: Find earrings that align with your unique fashion sense.

Majorica’s Pearl Earring Collection

Explore Majorica's curated collection featuring classic and modern pearl earrings:

  1. Alba Silver Hoop Earrings: Mid-sized hoops with a single 8mm Majorica pearl, subtly making a statement.

  2. Rosa Earrings: Stunning pearl drop earrings with 8mm and 10mm pearls on Rhodium silver chains for an elegant look.

  3. Keila Wild Pearl Earrings: Baroque-style earrings with a 14x20mm pearl, combining uniqueness with everyday wearability.

  4. Algaida Long Fish Wire Earrings: A modern collection featuring amber Murano glass drops and an 8mm handmade Majorica pearl for contemporary elegance.

  5. Taylor 18k Gold White Pearl Earrings: Classic round white pearl earrings mounted on an 18k gold nut clasp for timeless beauty. 

Conclusion: Say it with Pearls

Majorica, with its commitment to craftsmanship, offers a wide range of pearl earrings – from classic studs to contemporary designs. Whether for formal occasions or casual ensembles, pearls are the perfect choice for those seeking timeless elegance. Browse the new collection and let pearls be your enduring fashion statement.

FAQs: What to Wear with Pearl Earrings

  1. What goes with pearl earrings?

    • For simplicity, choose drop earrings with a basic French hook or add glamour with pearl drop earrings adorned with crystals or diamonds. Suitable for evening wear, such as a little black dress or a formal gown.
  2. What colors look good with pearls?

    • White gold provides a beautiful contrast to pearls' "cool" undertones, creating a classic and attractive pearl look.
  3. Can you wear pearl earrings casually?

    • Yes, pearls can be worn casually to smarten up relaxed outfits and add a special touch to otherwise underwhelming looks.
  4. Are pearl studs classy?

    • Absolutely, pearl studs are versatile and can be worn on any occasion, offering a classy and timeless touch to your ensemble.
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