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"Pearls are always appropriate" is a timeless quote attributed to the iconic Jackie Kennedy-Onassis. Indeed, pearls have maintained their status as classic, trendy, and everlasting pieces of jewelry. Whether it's pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, or pendants, pearls can elevate your look with their unique elegance.

Traditionally associated with women and seen as symbols of fragility, personality, and femininity, pearls have undergone a significant revolution in recent years. The so-called "pearl revolution" gained momentum among the younger generation, seeking more sustainable jewelry options. Pearls, being organic and environmentally sustainable gemstones available in various shapes and colors, became a popular choice.

Unique in their beauty, pearls stand out above trends and complement every skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Additionally, pearls are renewable and affordable resources, adding to their allure.

Pearls Today

1. Single Pearl Earring:

  • One of the latest trends is the single pearl earring, adding a modern twist to classic elegance.
  • Oversized pearl chokers inspired by fashion icons like Carrie Bradshaw have become a significant trend.

2. Sleek and Minimalist:

  • Pearls are excellent for flaunting a minimalist jewelry look, providing an elegant and discreet yet appealing appearance.
  • White or black spherical pearls, whether part of pendants, necklaces, bracelets, or stud earrings, contribute to a polished look.

3. Practical and Cute:

  • Pearls offer practicality and convenience, effortlessly completing any outfit.
  • A pearl bracelet can add a touch of glam and chic throughout the day, enhancing everyday wear.

4. Fun and Edgy:

  • Pearls come in a variety of colors and shapes, such as pink pearls, peacocks, and golden pearls, allowing for a fun and edgy look.
  • Experimenting with colored or black pearls paired with a leather jacket can create an edgy appearance.

5. Refined:

  • Pearls are perfect for achieving a total glam look, making them ideal for special occasions.
  • Chokers or long single pearl necklaces paired with a little black dress deliver timeless class and elegance.

6. Fringe and Layering:

  • Fringe and layering of pearls have become a sought-after trend, seen on fashion runways and reflecting the popularity of pearls in modern-day jewelry.
  • Layering multiple pearl strands in different sizes and colors can create a dramatic effect.

7. Statement Pearl Choker Necklace:

  • Statement pearl choker necklaces, featuring large and numerous pearls, are dominant and appealing, offering a fashionable look.

How to Wear Pearls: FAQs

1. Is it OK to wear pearls every day?

  • Absolutely. Pearls should be worn frequently, as they are beautiful yet delicate. However, they should be worn with care.

2. How can I wear pearls without looking old-fashioned?

  • Pearls can be modern and stylish when incorporated into work outfits. Mixing pearls with other materials like silver, leather, or beads can make them less formal.

3. How do you wear pearls in 2022?

  • Mixing pearls with other materials and incorporating them into less dressy combinations keeps them on-trend.

4. When should you not wear pearls?

  • Avoid wearing pearls in extreme heat or water, as both can cause significant damage.

5. Is it OK to shower with pearls?

  • It's not advisable to shower with pearls, as chemicals, oils, soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, or alkaline conditions can harm their sheen.

6. Can you wear pearls with jeans?

  • Pearls can complement jeans, providing a classy yet casual combination for various occasions.

The modern take on pearls has seen them embraced by style icons like Billie Eilish and Vice President Kamala Harris, demonstrating their timeless appeal and adaptability. Whether for work, a night out, or everyday wear, pearls remain a versatile and sophisticated choice, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.