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How Are Majorica Pearls Made?

How Are Majorica Pearls Made?

For over a century, Majorica has been synonymous with high-quality pearls, crafting exquisite jewelry that seamlessly blends tradition, history, and modern design. As pearls stand as iconic symbols of elegance and timelessness, Majorica takes pride in revealing the meticulous process behind the creation of its captivating pearls.

Mallorca Pearls: A Legacy Since 1890

When one mentions "Mallorca pearls," they refer to pearls crafted on the island of Mallorca, and Majorica has been at the forefront of this artistry since 1890. Historically, pearls were a symbol of wealth, worn exclusively by the elite due to their rarity. Majorica emerged to bridge the gap, making pearls more accessible and creating a lasting legacy.

The Enigmatic Manufacturing Process

Majorica cherishes the mystery surrounding its pearl-making process but gladly shares an overview. The journey begins with a small nucleus of opaline covered in layers of a protective substance. Immersed in a pearly liquid containing ground-up fish scales, this step imparts the iridescence for which Majorica pearls are famed.

This coating process is repeated 30 to 40 times, with pearls dried and polished after each coat to eliminate imperfections. A final coating is applied, followed by treatments like exposure to ultra-violet radiation, gases, and other solutions, ensuring maximum protection, discoloration prevention, and chip resistance. This meticulous process guarantees the longevity of Majorica pearls when cared for correctly.

Why Mallorca Pearls Are Renowned

Mallorca pearls by Majorica are celebrated for their breathtaking beauty and striking resemblance to natural pearls. The island's rich history with pearls and extensive manufacturing experience contribute to the unparalleled quality. Mallorca pearls capture the essence of natural pearls, making them indistinguishable to the untrained eye.

Choosing Mallorca Pearls: A Worthy Investment

Mallorca pearls from Majorica offer more than just aesthetic allure. They are a cost-effective alternative to natural pearls, accessible to a broader audience. The treatment process enhances durability, making them resistant to perspiration, heat, makeup, and perfume, presenting a practical and robust choice.

Mallorca pearls are also viewed as a sustainable choice. By emulating the appearance of natural pearls without the environmental impact of wasted oysters, they present an eco-friendly option. Each Mallorca pearl is infused with the island's history, appealing to those seeking authenticity in their jewelry.

Discover Majorica: A Century of Pearl Expertise

Majorica invites you to explore its diverse collection, featuring pearl earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings. With over 100 years of experience, Majorica is committed to producing innovative pieces that showcase the beauty of pearls. Every Mallorca pearl piece from Majorica comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring lasting quality, and free shipping on orders over €60.

Whatever the occasion, express it with Majorica pearls – an authentic Mallorcan treasure that transcends time and tradition.

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