joyas tendencia otoño invierno

With the arrival of the crisp autumn and serene winter breeze, it's time to rejuvenate your style with the must-have jewelry trends for fall 2023. This exclusive selection promises to enhance your flair, combining trendiness with personal resonance for a dash of sophistication and originality.

Trending Jewelry Types:

1. Layered Chains and Charms:

  • Embrace the trend of layered chains and charms, offering a fresh way to adorn multiple pieces at once.
  • Select necklaces with special significance, blending different materials and lengths for a unique and personal style.
  • Seamless transition from casual to formal outfits, adding a chic touch on every occasion.

2. Nyx Collection - Urban and Casual Vibes:

  • The Nyx Collection transforms classic pearl necklaces, fusing different hues for urban and casual vibes.
  • Genderless and advocating fashion without labels, pairing flawlessly with gold and silver-hued chains.

3. Jewelry with Organic Pearls:

  • Natural elements take center stage, with pearls bringing radiance to any look.
  • Playful versatility with pearls in various shapes and sizes, adding elegance and femininity to ensembles.

4. Chokers:

  • Chokers make a bold return, promising to infuse modernity into outfits.
  • Ranging from simple and elegant designs to ornate pieces, ideal for low necklines or revamping simple outfits.
  • Symi Choker, a stainless steel piece adorned with a golden finish and an oval pearl centerpiece.

5. Geometric Shapes - Atenea Collection:

  • Geometric shapes dictate trends, offering designs between minimalism and boldness.
  • Atenea Collection blends white pearls with open oval silver structures plated in gold, harmonizing classical elements with avant-garde design.

Jewelry and Fall Clothing Combinations:

  1. Turtleneck Sweaters:

    • Showcase long necklaces or snug chokers with turtleneck sweaters.
    • Bambú Choker with organic forms mimicking bamboo texture and champagne-colored pearls adds sophistication.
  2. Bohemian Dresses:

    • Majorica’s organic pearl jewelry complements fluid, autumnal print dresses for a chic and sophisticated touch.
  3. Leather Jackets:

    • Add geometric-shaped accessories to redefine leather jackets.
    • Abstract pendant necklaces or hoop earrings with pearls offer a modern touch.
  4. Jeans and T-Shirt:

    • Elevate casual outfits with stacked chains or rings with innovative designs.
    • Silver bracelet with gold details adds a sparkling touch.

Choosing the Perfect Gem:

  • Consider personal style, occasion, and budget when selecting jewelry.
  • Versatile and understated pieces for everyday wear, statement pieces for grand events.
  • Majorica offers high-quality jewelry catering to diverse price ranges.

Jewelry for Every Kind of Event:

1. Formal Occasions:

  • Pearl necklaces for classic grace, subtle earrings, and elegant watches.

2. Casual Occasions:

  • Stackable bracelets, rings with creative designs, and charm necklaces for relaxed and versatile looks.

3. Festive Occasions:

  • Jewelry with colored stones, festive necklaces, and statement earrings for bold and joyful choices.

Shine with Your Own Light:

As we embark on the fall-winter season, these trends promise sophistication and innovation. Versatile chains, stackable charms, organic pearls, geometric shapes, and chokers take the spotlight, offering a wealth of options for diverse personalities. Feel comfortable and confident with your jewelry choices, radiating a beauty that transcends the superficial. Embrace the season with bravery and sparkle, standing out with jewelry that follows current trends and enhances your uniqueness. Let the chill in the air be accompanied by adorned necks, shining brightly with the season's finest selections.